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The Oasis in Manassas

Therapeutic Massage in a Relaxing Atmosphere

We offer Therapeutic Massage in a calm relaxing atmosphere at prices you can afford without all the hassles of a monthly membership. Our staff of highly qualified, certified, and licensed massage therapists offer a custom-tailored approach to your specific massage needs. We provide a wide variety of massage services ranging from a relaxing stress relief massage to deep therapeutic work.

If you have pain or stiffness in your back, neck, or shoulders? A Deep Tissue therapeutic massage may be just what you need. Are you training for an upcoming sporting event? Perhaps a Sports massage is for you. If you have a long commute or spend long hours in front of the computer you may be suffering from Commuting and Computing? We can help you de-stress and relax your tight muscles. Enjoy a specifically designed massage therapy treatment for your individual needs.

A True 60 Minute Massage

Here at The Oasis of Manassas you get the full time of your scheduled massage. A one-hour massage is truly 60 minutes of massage. Many other spas or offices only give you 50 minutes of massage time when you schedule a 1 hour service. Imagine that; it is like getting 1 free massage for every 5 massages you enjoy. Because we allow this extra time you are able to relax and still get increased therapeutic benefits from your massage.

We use only the highest-quality pure organic jojoba oil and pure essential oils in our treatments. If you have any allergies please let us know but, you don't need to worry since Jojoba oil is the best hypoallergenic oil and most like the natural oils in your skin. Our linens are always laundered with free and clear detergents and softeners. We never use harsh chemicals.

An Awesome Facility

Our facility is awesome. That is why we are known as The Oasis in Manassas. Our therapists have many different treatment styles. Please see the Meet our Massage Therapists to learn more about our caregivers. At The Oasis in Manassas, our mission is to care for you as an important part of your overall wellness program.

We are a goal-oriented massage therapy clinic providing therapeutic massage and bodywork in a calm relaxing atmosphere. Please take the time to review the variety of Techniques and Services that we provide to see if they are right for you.

Benefits of Frequent Massage Visits

Imagine how good you feel after you receive a massage. Now imagine you could feel that good more often. The beauty of receiving massage and bodywork as a regular part of your wellness routine really shows up in how good you feel on a daily basis. The benefits of regular massage include better sleep, reduced anxiety, increased energy, better circulation and less of the aches and pains we notice in your active lifestyle.

Budgeting time and money for massage and bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health. When you consider massage as a necessary part of your health and wellness plan, you will experience the benefits for yourself.

Our Team of Licensed Massage Therapists

Joanne Brunetto

Michele DeArment

Alejandra Rodriguez-Hernandez

Giovanna Garcia

Muriel Teague

Call Us @ 703-686-4092