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Alejandra Rodriguez-Hernandez, LMT

Alejandra Rodriguez-Hernandez - Massage Therapist - The Oasis in Manassas

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Alejandra Rodriguez-Hernandez, LMT

Alejandra is a certified licensed massage therapist (LMT) who received her training at AMBI Massage School in 2017. She has a Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy from Arturo Michelena University in Venezuela in 2012. Alejandra has over 5 years of experience as a massage therapist.

Alejandra is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Her specialties include Manual Lymphatic Drainage to help reduce swelling and fluid retention in the body especially after surgery such as LIPO or Tummy Tuck. She also offers neuromuscular therapy for the treatment of postural distortions and soft tissue injuries. Her massage style is excellent for relief from chronic pain and tension. Chronic pain is often associated with trauma trapped in the tissues. Alejandra continues to study Craniosacral Therapy to help her clients with this type of pain. She is now offering a special integrated massage technique that helps with clearing past traumas and stress. If you are interested in this type of therapy please book as an Integrated Massage.

Alejandra likes to learns new treatment modalities and is always improving her techniques in the energy and bodywork fields. She enjoys being outside spending time with her young daughter.


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